My Process:

Firmly believeing in the importance of attention to detail, i would describe my style as intricate and ornamental in nature.

My design process starts with an inspiration board or trend board. The motifs are drawn and painted manually before they enter the digital world of Adobe Photoshop.
I thoroughly enjoy digital rendering but i prefer it old school as the joy of drawing manually on a piece of paper cant be matched.

Multiple mediums are used while making a design including inks, watercolours, markers, colour pencils and pointers.

My Services:

My designs are available for outright purchase or licensing.

I can tweak and recolour my existing designs to suit the client’s brief, but i always enjoy making bespoke designs with a specific client in mind as the design always comes out more wonderful with a personal touch of magic.

if you are interested in my work then have a look at my print library for outright purchase or contact me for custom designs

Hightlights of my Career:

Exhibited at Surtex with Nerida Hansen Agency in 2016

Winner of Stockland’s Creative Artist of the year Competition ( 2017)

Finalist of the Spoonflower Fabric 8 contest ( 2015)

Featured in several blogs including Pattern Observer, Spoonflower blog, Print and Pattern and Make it in Design

Lawn print collaboration with Dashwood Studio UK


This website shows some of the samples of my work and gives an idea of my design style

For more information do get in touch! i’d love to chat